Abu Zayd al-Hilali (film)

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Abu Zayd al-Hilali
أبو زيد الهلالي
Abuzaid elhelali.jpg
Faten Hamama in Abu Zayd al-Hilali
Directed by Ezzel Dine Zulficar
Produced by Mohamed Amin
Written by Ezzel Dine Zulficar
Abu Buthaina
Starring Faten Hamama
Seraj Munir
Amina al-Sharif
Release date
  • 1947 (1947)
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Abu Zayd al-Hilali About this sound listen  (Arabic: أبو زيد الهلالي‎‎, Ābu Zayd al-Hilalī) is a 1947 Egyptian film that portrays the life of the tenth-century Arabic leader and hero Abu Zayd al-Hilali. It was directed by Ezzel Dine Zulficar and written by Zulficar and Abu Butheina. It stars Faten Hamama, Seraj Munir, and Amina al-Sharif. It was one of Hamama's earliest starring roles.


Abu Zayd al-Hilali's son and wife escape and years later, after his son has grown into a powerful and idealistic man, a battle between the two tribes starts. The son fights his father but is not aware who he is fighting. The Banu Hilalis defeat the Banu Zahlanis. Back home, Abu Zayd is greeted as a hero. A huge war then starts with the Zirids, who had abandoned Shiism. The Banu Hilalis weaken the Zirid state and plunder their lands.[1]



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