Abubakar Garbai of Borno

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Abubakar Garbai or Bukar Garbai
Shehu Abubakar Garbai of Borno.jpg
Reign 1902–1922
Predecessor Sanda Wuduroma of Borno
Successor Sanda Kura of Borno
Died 1922
Burial Kukawa
Dynasty Kanemi
Father Ibrahim Kura
Religion Muslim

Bukar Garbai (or Abubakar Garbai) ibn Ibrahim was the Shehu of Borno from 1902 to 1922.


Shehu Abubakar Garbai of Borno by Boyd Alexander in 1906

Bukar Garbai (or Abubakar Garbai) ibn Ibrahim was the Shehu of Bornu from 1902–1922 and previous to that served as Shehu of Dikwa. In 1907 he founded Yerwa as the headquarters of his domains in connection with the British founding a military post in the same general location.



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Abubakar Garbai of Borno
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sanda Wuduroma of Borno
9th Shehu of Borno
Succeeded by
Sanda Kura of Borno

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