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Abuja Investments Company Limited
Holding Company (Government owned)
Industry Diversified Investments
Founded 1994
Headquarters Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
Key people
Dr. Musa A. Musa, GMD/CEO
Revenue Increase US$ (2009)
Increase (2009)
Total assets Increase (2009)
Total equity Increase (2009)
Number of employees
58 (2010)
Parent Federal Capital Territory Administration
Website http://www.abujainvestments.com

Abuja Investments Company Limited (AICL) is a leading business development and investment holding company for the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), based in the Capital City - Abuja, Nigeria.


AICL was incorporated in 1994 as Abuja Investment and Property Development Company (AIPDC). The firm has since undergone a number of restructuring processes and currently functions as an interface between the government and investors interested in operating within the Federal Capital Territory. AICL was created and is wholly owned by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) with the vision to build capacity in public private partnership administration and asset management for sustained development. AICL was conceived to be a publicly owned yet privately funded Limited Liability Company to act as the FCT’s Holding Company. With over $100M currently under management AICL has grown to become a world class investment firm with a diversified portfolio to include investments in Transportation, Technology, Real Estate, etc.

Year Achievements
1993 Commenced Operations under the FCT as Abuja Investment & Finance Company Limited
1994 Incorporated and Change of Name effected to Abuja Property & Development Company
1995 Established Subsidiary Aso Savings & Loans Limited
1995 Established Subsidiary Aso Property & Investment Management Limited
2004 Established Subsidiaries Abuja Leasing Company Ltd and Abuja Markets Management Limited
2005 Assumed management of Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Limited
2006 1st Corporate Restructuring Exercise - Changed Name to Abuja Investments Company Limited
2006 Established Subsidiary Abuja Property & Development Company
2006 Established Subsidiary Abuja Technology Village
2006 Established Subsidiary Abuja Connect Limited
2008 Established Subsidiary Abuja Film Village Int
2009 Established Subsidiary PowerNoth-AICL Ltd
2009 2nd Corporate Restructuring Exercise - Business Repositioning


The following are subsidiaries and business affiliates under AICL:[1]



Business Services[edit]

AICL in its capacity as a quasi-government organisation has since been in the business of structuring public-private partnerships. In this vein the company offers the following services:[2]

  • Business Development
  • Financial Advisory
  • Investment Management
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Venture Capital

Sector Growth[edit]

Banking & Finance[edit]

AICL helped structure Aso Savings & Loans Plc the foremost Mortgage Banking institution in the Capital City.


AICL's subsidiary Abuja Markets Management Limited (AMML)provides facility management services to almost all markets in the Capital City, Abuja.


The company has structured various platform companies for the economic development of the FCT in the energy sector, a couple of such companies are:

  • Gas Farm Project
  • Abuja Power Company

Entertainment & Hospitality[edit]

AICL has strategic holdings in Capital Hotels (Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja)and is parent company to Abuja Film Village


In partnership with the Abuja Environmental Protection Agency (AEPB), AICL has made huge investments in this sector especially in the provision of waste disposal trucks through the incorporation of PowerNoth AICL Equipment Leasing Company for the clearance of waste from the city center.


AICL is working on incorporating the American Hospital, a project that has been underway since 2009.

Real Estate & Infrastructure[edit]

AICL holds investments in:

  • Abuja Property Development Company Limited (APDC)
  • Abuja Downtown Mall


In line with the Federal Capital Territory Master Plan, AICL set up the following companies to create increased capacity in the technology sector and improve existing automotive services in the region:[3]

  • Abuja Technology Village Free Zone
  • Abuja Automotive Village


AICL has contributed immensely to the transportation sector of the economy through the establishment of two key subsidiary companies: Abuja Leasing Company(ALC) and Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company (AUMTCO).

ALC provides a platform for individuals and companies to purchase vehicles for taxi services under a PPP structured arrangement tagged 'Abuja Green Cab Scheme'. This scheme provides lease finance to qualifying Nigerians over a tenure of up to four years for the purchase of Cabs.

AUMTCO provides subsidized transportation services to all inhabitants in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The company has over 150 buses which ply designated routes in the capital city and provides adhoc transportation services to satellite towns which provide most of the workforce to the Capital City.


Over the years Abuja Investments Company Limited has been noted to work with the following companies:

  • Abuja Environmental Protection Board[4]
  • African University of Science & Technology[5]
  • Aso Savings & Loans Plc[6]
  • Churchgate Group[7]
  • Craft Technologies Limited[8]
  • Kakara Rapid Development[9]


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