Acanthogonatus tolhuaca

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Acanthogonatus tolhuaca
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Mygalomorphae
Family: Nemesiidae
Genus: Acanthogonatus
Species: A. tolhuaca
Binomial name
Acanthogonatus tolhuaca
Goloboff, 1995

Acanthogonatus tolhuaca is a mygalomorph spider of Chile, named after its type locality: Tolhuaca, Malleco, Region IX (de la Araucania).[1] This species differs from A. mulchen in its wider sternum, smaller size, and the spermathecae having a more pronounced notch; from A. brunneus, it differs in the uniformly coloured abdomen.


  • Female: total length 23.1 millimetres (0.91 in); cephalothorax length 9.4 millimetres (0.37 in), width 7.7 millimetres (0.30 in); cephalic region length 5.8 millimetres (0.23 in), width 5.6 millimetres (0.22 in); fovea width 0.95 millimetres (0.037 in); medial ocular quadrangle length 0.72 millimetres (0.028 in), width 1.57 millimetres (0.062 in); labium length 0.82 millimetres (0.032 in), width 1.57 millimetres (0.062 in); sternum length 4.95 millimetres (0.195 in), width 3.82 millimetres (0.150 in). Its cephalic region is wide but low, while its fovea is slightly procurved, with a small posterior notch. Its labium possesses no cuspules. A serrula is present on the anterior face of the lobe. Its sternal sigilla is small and oval (less elongated than A. Mulchen). Chelicerae: rastellum is absent. The spermathecal notch is more pronounced than in A. Mulchen. The entire spider is a reddish-blackish brown colour, while the abdomen has a paler anterodorsal spot.[1]


Only in Malleco Province.

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