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Accel Frontline Ltd
public company (BSE532774; NSEAFL)
Founded 1991
Headquarters Chennai, India
Key people
N.R.Panicker , chairman and CEO[1][2]
Products Software services, IT services, IT infrastructure management) (cloud services, warranty management services
Revenue 487.34 crore (US$72 million) (2015)[3]
Number of employees
2404 (March 2015)[3]

Accel Frontline Ltd (BSE532774) is an Information technology services company based in Chennai, India. It was a joint-venture company between Accel Limited of Chennai and Frontline Technologies Corporation Limited of Singapore.[4] Its main business is providing IT infrastructure management, software solutions and warranty management services. It operates through an all-India network of more than 100 locations in India and overseas offices in Dubai, Singapore, London, Tokyo and Santa Clara California.


The Accel group commenced operations with Accel Limited, which was incorporated in 1991. Accel Limited became a public limited company and changed its name to Accel Automation Limited in July 1997. Accel Limited was involved in the business of third party maintenance services for IT products. In December 1993, Accel Limited acquired the PC manufacturing facilities of Kothari Information Systems Limited, Bangalore and shifted operations in 1996 to Pondicherry. Accel Limited acquired Atreya Technologies and Industrial Development Private Limited, Delhi and the services business of Network Limited, Delhi in June 1996 and April 1997, respectively, to benefit from their service networks in relation to telecom/IT equipment.

In 1996 Accel started software development services by setting up an application development center in Chennai. In 1999 acquired the systems and engineering services business for Fujitsu icim which resulted in a formation of Accel ICIM systems and services Ltd . In 2004, company made a strategic alliance with Singapore-based Frontline Technologies Corporation Limited and made Accel ICIM a joint venture between Accel Ltd and FTC and changed the name to Accel Frontline 2008, FTC was acquired by BT group Plc there by Accel Frontline became a subsidiary of BT frontline Limited. In 2011 Accel ltd the main promoter bought out BT Frontline's stake and it became a subsidiary of Accel Limited. Having bought back BT's stake, the company amalgamated all the IT services portfolio into one company i.e. Accel Frontline Limited (AFL). AFL operate in the domains of IT Infrastructure Management, Software Services, Warranty management and IT infrastructure Solutions.

In 2012, the company launched its initiatives to reduce the dependence on India business and grow through its international operations focusing on Outsourced Product Development and Engineering Services.

In 2014, CAC Holdings Corporation of Japan has picked up 51% equity in Accel Frontline Limited. CAC is well established software company in Japan with turnover in excess of USD 400 Million.

Accel Frontline Limited employs over 3000 employees and operate through offices located in California, Tokyo, London, Dubai, Singapore and India.


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