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Accelerated Learning Laboratory

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Accelerated Learning Laboratory
5245 North Camino De Oeste, Pima County, AZ 85745

United States
Coordinates32°18′11″N 111°03′54″W / 32.303153°N 111.065059°W / 32.303153; -111.065059Coordinates: 32°18′11″N 111°03′54″W / 32.303153°N 111.065059°W / 32.303153; -111.065059
TypeCharter school
Established1998[1]; 19 years ago
School districtAccelerated Elementary and Secondary Schools
CEEB code030551
PrincipalDavid Jones
Enrollment220 (as of 2014–2015)[2]
Campus size21.5 acres with buildings occupying 64,000 sq ft
Campus typerural–urban fringe
Color(s)         Black and red
MascotLab rat
NewspaperThe Cheese

Accelerated Learning Laboratory is a tuition-free publicly funded kindergarten to grade 12 charter school in Pima County, Arizona.

Accelerated Learning Laboratory has one campus, located near the base of Wasson Peak in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains.

In 2017, The Washington Post ranked the school the twenty sixth most challenging high school in the United States.[3]


All students that enroll will be accepted as A.L.L. is a charter school, but students will take a placement test, which places them in correct classes based upon their knowledge of each subject. Students at Accelerated Learning Laboratory focus intensely on the Advanced Placement, SAT, and American College Testing so they can be accepted into their selected college/university. Students can for example, enroll in any math subject, from multiplication and division to AP Statistics, and if they then pass the Advanced Placement test of each math subject they can continue in classes about vector calculus, ordinary differential equations, and mathematical analysis. Most students start in pre-algebra in as early as the first grade, and continue to advance in any subject, not just math, throughout their whole stay at Accelerated Learning Laboratory. The school offers AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP English, AP US History, AP World History, AP Econ, AP US Government, and offers language classes in Mandarin-Chinese.[4] These subjects and curriculum are designed to give every student the ability to attend any university or college in their sights. The school's graduation rate is 100 percent, and 100 percent of its students attend a 4-year college.[3] In 2008, an eighth-grade student at the school was the only in the state recognized as an Advanced Placement Scholar. [4]


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