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Joint Stock Company
Industry Development Finance
Founded 2006
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
Thomas Engelhardt
Products Equity Finance
Management Services
Total assets €1 billion (*network 2014)
Website Homepage

Access Microfinance Holding AG, often referred to as AccessHolding, is a commercial microfinance investment and holding company based in Germany. AccessHolding specializes in start-ups and early-stage microfinance institutions (MFIs). It will establish new MFIs together with other partners, and transform existing non-bank microlending institutions into full-service microfinance banks.[1]


AccessHolding is an investor and technical manager in a network of microfinance banks in developing and emerging countries. These banks specifically target their lending to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, in the countries that they serve. As of June 2014, the company had eight microfinance banks in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus. At that time, the group banks' total assets were valued at approximately €1 billion, with shareholders' equity of about €170 million.[2]


The company was founded in August 2006 by LFS Financial Systems GmbH (LFS).[3] LFS is a German business and financial consulting firm based in Berlin. It has special expertise in developing and emerging markets. It serves as the manager and technical advisor to the company as well as to the banks in which AccessHolding invests. The company is registered as a "joint stock company" under German law; with a paid-up capital of €27.8 million. As of December 2013, AccessHolding has created a total of eight microfinance banks in Azerbaijan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Tajikistan, Zambia and Rwanda.[4]

AccessBank Group[edit]

The member banks of the AccessBank Group include the following:[5]

  1. AccessBank Azerbaijan - Baku, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan - Total Assets:US$597.4 million (2012) (16.5% shareholding)[6]
  2. AccessBank Madagascar - Antananarivo, Madagascar Madagascar - Total Assets:US$39.1 million (2012) (55.2% shareholding)
  3. AccessBank Tanzania - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania - Total Assets:US$55.3 million (2012) (52.7% shareholding)
  4. AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria - Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria - Total Assets:US$42.2 million (2012) (50.1% shareholding)
  5. AccessBank Liberia - Monrovia, Liberia Liberia - Total Assets:US$24.3 million (2012) (55.6% shareholding)
  6. AccessBank Tajikistan - Dushanbe, Tajikistan Tajikistan - Total Assets:US$23.4 million (2012) (63.4% shareholding)
  7. AB Bank Zambia - Lusaka, Zambia Zambia - Total Assets:US$8.3 million (2012) (51.0% shareholding)
  8. AB Bank Rwanda - Kigali, Rwanda Rwanda - Total Assets:US$5.54 million (2013) (50.5% shareholding)


As of December 2013, the company stock is privately owned by the following corporate entities:[7]

AccessHolding Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 LFS Financial Systems GmbH of Germany 18.63
2 CDC Group Plc. of United Kingdom 13.74
3 European Investment Bank 13.74
4 International Finance Corporation (IFC) 13.74
5 KfW Development Bank of Germany 13.74
6 The Omidyar-Tufts Microfinance Fund (OTMF) 13.74
7 FMO of the Netherlands 9.75
8 MicroAssets GbR of Germany 2.93
Total 100.00
  • MicroAssets GbR is the employee investment company owned by the staff of LFS Financial Systems GmbH.

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