Achilles Alexandrakis

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Achilles Alexandrakis is a fictional character from a 1912 novel, Mr Achilles, by Jeannette Lee.

Alexandrakis is a Greek immigrant who owns a fruit stall on Clark Street, Chicago. Proud of his heritage, he always wonders why nobody asks him about Greece.

Betty Harris, daughter of a Chicago millionaire, attempts to find her way home alone from her music lesson one day, and wanders to Alexandrakis' fruit stand. An inquisitive child who is intrigued by what she has learned of Greek history and culture, Betty questions Alexandrakis about Greece, and they strike up a friendship.

One day, Alexandrakis notices Betty being ushered into a car by two strange men. The following day's newspaper is headlined with the kidnapping of a child whose wealthy parents lived on Lake Shore Drive. From the photo. Alexandrakis recognizes young Betty and calls the police. Her grateful parents invite him to their mansion where, before a group of prominent Chicagoans, Alexandrakis is finally able to lecture on his beloved Greece.

Mr Achilles is descriptive of both Chicago's socially prominent and poor immigrant classes.