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Acorn Arcade
Acorn arcade fireworks logo.png
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Available inEnglish
Created byAlasdair Bailey, Graham Crockford
Launched1997; 22 years ago (1997)[1]
Current statusOnline

Acorn Arcade is a computing resource web site with a focus on the RISC OS operating system and its gaming scene. It has been recognised by Acorn User magazine and was an award winner at the Wakefield Acorn Computer Show.


Acorn Arcade was founded in 1997 by Alasdair Bailey and Graham Crockford. It was awarded the 1998 Wakefield Acorn Spring Show 'Best Acorn enthusiast website'[2] and was listed in Acorn User as "the leading Web site for information on current RISC OS games developments".[3]

Its contents were incorporated into The Icon Bar in 2006.[4] It has been selected for inclusion by editors in at least one web directory,[5]

Main features[edit]

The original site featured RISC OS articles, news, games reviews and other media.[6][7] Since its merge with The Icon Bar, the site shows that news content under its own skin, while retaining its own separate games-related areas.


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