Acrobacias del Corazón

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Acrobacias del corazón
Directed by María Teresa Constantini
Produced by Donald Rosenfeld
Written by María Teresa Constantini
Starring María Teresa Constantini
Virginia Innocenti
Gabriel Goity
Cecilia Dopazo
Alejandro Awada
Antonio Grimau
Music by Leo Sujatovich
Cinematography Marcelo Camorino
Edited by Laura Bua
Distributed by Buenos Aires Producciones S.A.
Release date
13 April 2000
Running time
98 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Acrobacias del corazón (English language: Acrobatics of the Heart) is a 2000 Argentine romantic drama film directed, written by and starring María Teresa Constantini. Gabriel Goity and Virginia Innocenti also star.


Acrobacias del corazón was the first film where Marisa Teresa Costantini took the central role of a consecrated director and actress. Ironically the film centres on the life of a film director, Marisa (María Teresa Constantini), her current husband Jorge (Gabriel Goity) and the director's best friend Lucia (Cecilia Dopazo) a successful trapeze artist in the circus who are involved in a love triangle.

In the film the fictional director Marisa is currently planning to produce a new romantic film for which her present husband Jorge wrote the script, thinking lustfully about Lola (Virginia Innocenti), the best friend of Marisa. In real life, a time ago in her personal life director and actress María Teresa Constantini suffered a marriage separation and a long legal process which resulted in her acquiring a substantial sum of money which she used to establish Buenos Aires Productions. This real-life situation is reflected through the film director she actually portrays in the film, although the film is far more exaggerated in a world of romances, passions, treasons and deceits, in which the men are idiotic, cowardly and weak.

From the beginning to the end of the film there is always evidence of an extravagant lifestyle with luxurious cars and glamorous women and suave men. The film reflects the paradise of an upper middle class that seems to live on another planet than the poor, as shown by the trapeze artist's different life experiences to the director that Costantini portrays in the film. Along with the prevalent themes of love, passion, deceit and adultery the film also identifies these differences in class.

Release and acclaim[edit]

The film premiered on 13 April 2000 in Buenos Aires. It was produced by Buenos Aires Producciones S.A. and distributed by the company although Argentina Video Home are acclaimed for its VHS and DVD release.


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