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Temporal range: Permian–Paleocene
Acrodus nobilis Exhibit Museum of Natural History.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Hybodontiformes
Family: Acrodontidae
Genus: Acrodus
Agassiz, 1837

Acrodus is an extinct genus of cartilaginous fish from the Permian to Paleocene periods. [1] [2]Acrodus anningiae was named by Louis Agassiz in honor of the pioneering English paleontologist Mary Anning.


  • Acrodus acutus
  • Acrodus alexandrae
  • Acrodus anningiae
  • Acrodus braunii
  • Acrodus cuneocostatus
  • Acrodus dolloi
  • Acrodus flemingianus
  • Acrodus gaillardoti
  • Acrodus illingworthi
  • Acrodus jaeckeli
  • Acrodus keuperinus
  • Acrodus lateralis
  • Acrodus levis
  • Acrodus nitidus
  • Acrodus nobilis
  • Acrodus olsoni
  • Acrodus oppenheimeri
  • Acrodus oreodontus
  • Acrodus scaber
  • Acrodus spitzbergensis
  • Acrodus substriatus
  • Acrodus sweetlacruzensis
  • Acrodus undulatus
  • Acrodus vermicularis
  • Acrodus vermiformis
  • Acrodus wempliae


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