Act One (book)

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Act One
First edition
AuthorMoss Hart
CountryUnited States
GenreMemoir, autobiography
PublisherRandom House
Publication date
Media typePrint

Act One is an autobiographical book by playwright Moss Hart.[1][2][3]


The chronicles of Moss Hart's impoverished New York childhood and his long struggle to Broadway success.


The book was adapted into the film Act One (1963).

James Lapine wrote a stage version (Act One), commissioned by the Lincoln Center Theater and developed by the Vineyard Arts Project. A reading was held in July 2012.[4] There was also a workshop on Martha's Vineyard July 16–21, 2012, which featured Tony Shalhoub, Debra Monk, Chuck Cooper, and David Turner.[5] The play premiered on Broadway, at the Lincoln Center Vivian Beaumont Theater, in previews on March 20, 2014, with the official opening on April 17, 2014. The play starred Santino Fontana, Tony Shalhoub, and Andrea Martin, and was directed by Lapine.[6]


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