Acta Triadis Thaumaturgae

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Acta Triadis Thaumaturgae or The Acts of a Wonder-Working Triad[1] is a hagiography of the Irish saints, Saint Patrick, Brigid of Kildare, and St Columba.

It was published at Leuven in 1647 by John Colgan, O.F.M., mainly at the expense of Thomas Fleming, Archbishop of Dublin.[2] Due to a lack of money not all Colgan's writings could be published, and a catalogue of manuscripts found in his cell after his death, included detailed lives of Irish missionaries in England, Scotland, Belgium, Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy, Germany, and Italy. A small remnant of these unpublished volumes is now in the Franciscan Library, Dublin.


  1. ^ The full title is Triadis Thaumaturgæ, seu divorum Patricii, Columbæ, et Brigidæ, trium veteris et majoris Scotiæ, seu Hiberniæ, Sanctorum insulæ, communium patronorum acta, a variis, iisque pervetustis ac Sanctis, authoribus Scripta, ac studio R.P.F. Joannis Colgani, in conventu F.F. Minor. Hibernor, Stritior, Observ., Lovanii, S. Theologiæ Lectoris Jubilati, ex variis bibliothecis collecta, scholiis et commentariis illustrata, et pluribus appendicibus aucta; complectitur tomus secundus sacrarum ejusdem insulæ antiquitatum, nunc primum in lucem prodiens
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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainHerbermann, Charles, ed. (1913). "Acta Triadis Thaumaturgæ" . Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton.

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