Actino-pnp RNA motif

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Actino-pnp RNA
Consensus secondary structure of Actino-pnp RNAs
Symbol Actino-pnp
Rfam RF01688
Other data
Domain(s) Bacteria
SO 0005836

The Actino-pnp RNA motif is a conserved structure found in actinobacteria that is apparently in the 5' untranslated regions of genes predicted to encode exoribonucleases.[1] The RNA element's function is likely analogous to an RNA structure found upstream of polynucleotide phosphorylase genes in E. coli and related enterobacteria.[2] In this latter system, the polynucleotide phosphorlyase gene regulates its own expression levels by a feedback mechanism that involves its activity upon the RNA structure. However, the E. coli RNA appears to be structurally unrelated to the Actino-pnp motif.


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