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Adèle Mercier [also Adèle G. Mercier] is a Canadian philosopher, currently employed at Queen's University, Kingston, and fellow of LOGOS- Language, Logic and Cognition at the University of Barcelona, Spain.[1] Educated at the University of Ottawa (BA and MA) and UCLA (MA and PhD in Philosophy, MA and CPhil in Linguistics).

Mercier works in the areas of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, natural language semantics, philosophy of linguistics, and related areas in logic and metaphysics. She has written on the linguistics of gender-neutral language, and its connection with grammatical gender; also on racist language. She has acted as expert witness in Canadian Courts, defending gay couples seeking the right to marry against the claim that same-sex marriage is rendered logically impossible by the semantics of English.[2]

In 2012–13 she was president of the Canadian Philosophical Association.[3]


Her publications include:

  • Religious Belief and Self-Deception. "Voices of Disbelief" (ed. R. Blackford, U. Schuklenk), 2009.
  • On the Nature of Marriage: Somerville on Same-Sex Marriage & Reply to Lee. "The Monist", 91. 2008.
  • Meaning and Necessity: Can Semantics Stop Same-Sex Marriage? "Essays in Philosophy", vol 8, 2007.
  • L'homme et la factrice: sur la logique du genre en français. "Dialogue", Volume 41, Issue 03, 2002
  • On Communication-Based De Re Thought, Commitments De Dicto, and Word-Individuation. "Philosophy and Linguistics" (ed. R. Stainton), Westview Press, 1998
  • A Perverse Case of the Contingent A Priori: On the Logic of Emasculating Language (A Reply to Dawkins and Dummett). "Philosophical Topics" (special ed. S. Haslanger), Arkansas University Press, 1996
  • Consumerism and Language Acquisition. "Linguistics and Philosophy", Vol.17, No 5, 1994
  • Normativism and the Mental: A Problem of Language Individuation. "Philosophical Studies", Vol.72, No 1, 1993


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