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Original author(s)Dominik Schürmann[1]
Developer(s)mrRobinson (former); PerfectSlayer (current)
Stable release
6.1.1 / June 20, 2023; 11 months ago (2023-06-20)[2]
Operating systemAndroid 8 or later
Size13.5 MB
Websiteadaway.org Edit this on Wikidata

AdAway is a free and open-source ad-blocking application for the Android mobile operating system.[4][5]


It was started in June 2011 by Dominik Schürmann but is now maintained by other developers.[6] In 2013, it was removed from the Google Play store along with other ad blocking apps. After its removal, AdAway used the app store F-Droid to serve downloads.[7]


AdAway blocks ads using hosts files from various locations and combines them automatically. The user is able to block or trust additional domains, or add a new hosts file altogether. There is an option to log DNS requests to help in this task.[5] AdAway requires in the actual version 5.10.0 either root access (because the hosts file is in the system partition)[8] or the use of a local VPN on non-rooted devices, which is provided by AdAway itself. It is mainly used to remove ads on apps completely for free.


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