Ad Casub

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Ad Casub
أد كاسب
Ad Casub is located in Eritrea
Ad Casub
Ad Casub
Location in Eritrea
Coordinates: 15°24′N 37°17′E / 15.400°N 37.283°E / 15.400; 37.283Coordinates: 15°24′N 37°17′E / 15.400°N 37.283°E / 15.400; 37.283
Country Flag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea
Region Gash-Barka
District Gogne District
Elevation 716 m (2,349 ft)

Ad Casub (Arabic: أد كاسب‎) is a village in western Eritrea. It is located in Gogne District in the Gash-Barka region.

Nearby towns and villages include Algheden (19.3 km or 10.4 nmi), Adal (15.6 km or 8.4 nmi), Kieru (20.7 km or 11.2 nmi), Markaughe (10.6 km or 5.7 nmi), Hambok (19.6 km or 10.6 nmi) and Antalla (16.5 km or 8.9 nmi).