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Adam Resnick
Born United States
Occupation Director, producer, writer

Adam Resnick is an American comedy writer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his work writing for Late Night with David Letterman.[1]

Additionally, Resnick co-created and wrote for Get A Life with Chris Elliott. Resnick also wrote and was co-executive producer of a season of The Larry Sanders Show for HBO. Two years later, in 1994, Resnick would team up with Elliott again for the motion picture Cabin Boy.

In 2000, Resnick wrote the film Lucky Numbers starring John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow.

In 2002, Resnick wrote the film, Death to Smoochy, which was directed by Danny DeVito.

Resnick also created and wrote the 1996 HBO television series The High Life.

In 2014, his book Will Not Attend was released.


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