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Adam Smith Center (Polish: Centrum im. Adama Smitha) is a think-tank based in Poland. It has been called "the most important think tank in Poland".[1]

It was founded in 1989 based on an earlier group of anti-communist opposition and named after Adam Smith and similar eponymous institute based in the United Kingdom. Among its members are roughly 50 economists, political scientists and sociologists. The organization also publishes the Polish Tax Freedom Day analysis.

Although non-partisan, the center espouses free market and classical liberal views. Among its members are Robert Gwiazdowski, Cezary Józefiak, Jan Winiecki, Andrzej Sadowski, Andrzej J. Piotrowski, Przemysław Wipler, Andrzej Szczęśniak, Ireneusz Jabłoński and Krzysztof Dzierżawski.

The center was officially created on 16 September 1989, soon after the Polish Round Table Agreement and the start of a peaceful transition to democracy in Poland. However, most of its initial members came from the Akcja Gospodarcza society (est. 1988), a loose group of free market-oriented economists supporting the opposition to communist government of Poland.


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