Adelaide Orsola Appignani

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Adelaide Orsola Appignani (1807 – 30 September 1884) was an Italian singer, conductor, music educator and composer.


Adelaide Orsola Appignani was born in Rome and studied music under Valentino Fioravanti. After completing her studies, she was active as a singer and a conductor in Florence and Rome. She was a member of the Roman Academie Filarmonica at Pallazio Lancelotti and honorary member of the Academie de St. Cecelia. Appignani also taught singing and had as her student the tenor Settimio Malvezzi. She married Count Girolamo Cenci-Bolognetti. Appignani died 30 September 1884 in Rome.[1]


Appignani also used the name Orsola Aspri, after the violinist Andrea Aspri, whom her mother married after her father's death. Selected works include:

  • Le advventure de una giornata (melodrama) 1827
  • I riti indiani (opera) 1834
  • Il pirati (melodrama) 1843
  • Clara de Clevers (melodrama) 1876
  • Sinfonia for instruments, 1834
  • Le redenzioni de Roma (cantata) 1871[1]


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