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Adele DeLeeuw (pronounced Lew-oo) 1899–1988 was an American–Dutch children's story writer. The New York Times[1] attributes more than 75 children's book to her.[2] She was originally a native of Ohio and then, in her adult life, emigrated to Plainfield, New Jersey- then the "Queen City" of the area.[3] After her death she bequeathed her estate to the Rotary Club of Plainfield-North Plainfield[4] which in turned generated a scholarship fund for students seeking post-secondary education in the Humanities and Sciences. DeLeeuw managed to bequeath a total of $1 million for that cause. Every year since, there has been a scholarship award ceremony, including dinner at the Spain Inn Restaurant[5] in Plainfield.

After her beloved sister Cateau died, she wrote a book Remembered with Love: Letters to my Sister. It was an autobiography of herself as well as a biography of her sister. It is among one of her last and most important books.


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