Adele of Vermandois

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Adele of Vermandois, Countess of Flanders
Spouse(s) Arnulf I of Flanders
Noble family Herbertien dynasty
House of Flanders by marriage
Father Herbert II of Vermandois
Mother Adèle
Born c. 910–915
Died 960

Adele of Vermandois (bef. 915–960) was both a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders (934–960).


Adele, born c. 910–915[1] was a daughter of Herbert II of Vermandois and his wife, Adele, daughter of Robert I of France.[2] She died in 960 in Bruges.[1]

In 934 Adele married Count Arnulf I of Flanders (c. 890 – 965).[3] Together they had the following children: