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Adelphoi Zangaki (the Zangaki Brothers) (active 1870s[1]–1890s[2]) were two Greek photographers who specialized in historic or ancient Egyptian scenes, producing prints for the tourist trade. They occasionally worked with the Port Said photographer, Hippolyte Arnoux.


Little is known about the brothers, except their initials, C. and G., and that they worked out of Port Said and Cairo.[3] Their photographs of late 19th century Egypt, though produced for sale to the flourishing European tourist trade to Egypt, are highly prized by historians and collectors for their insights into life at the time. Images included views of the pyramids (e.g. Cheops or the Sphinx) and the cities (e.g. Suez or Alexandria), as well of Egyptians going about their daily lives (e.g. a teacher and pupils, men by the Nile, or women at home).


  1. ^ Princeton University, The Zangaki Collection finding aid lists them as flourishing 1870 to 1875
  2. ^ Cambridge University, The Janus database lists them as flourishing 1880 to 1889
  3. ^ Many of the Zangaki photographs are signed with a brother's initial and/or a place of business (e.g. "C. Zangaki" or "Zangaki, Cairo")


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