Ademuz (buildings)

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General information
Status Complete
Type residential - Ademuz 1
hotel - Ademuz 2
Location Valencia, Spain
Completed 2003
Height 90 m (295 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 26 - Ademuz 1
24 - Ademuz 2

Ademuz is the complex of two twins skyscrapers, Ademuz 1 and Ademuz 2. Are located in Valencia, Spain. Completed in 2003, Ademuz 1 has 26 floors, Ademuz 2 has 24 floors, and both have a height 90 metres.[1][2] These are some of the tallest buildings in the city, lower than Hilton Valencia, Torre de Francia, Aqua Multiespacio; have the same height as the very similar Torres Llaves de Oro. Ademuz 1 is residential building, Ademuz 1 is hotel.

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