Adenauer Bach

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Adenauer Bach
Reference no.DE: 27186
Physical characteristics
 • locationSouth of Quiddelbach
 • coordinates50°20′34″N 6°56′06″E / 50.34275°N 6.935135°E / 50.34275; 6.935135Coordinates: 50°20′34″N 6°56′06″E / 50.34275°N 6.935135°E / 50.34275; 6.935135
 • elevationca. 533 m above sea level (NHN)
 • location
Near Dümpelfeld into the Ahr
 • coordinates
50°26′42″N 6°56′05″E / 50.444957°N 6.934638°E / 50.444957; 6.934638
 • elevation
ca. 209 m above sea level (NHN)
Length15.719 km [1]
Basin size58.467 km² [1]
Basin features
ProgressionAhrRhineNorth Sea

The Adenauer Bach is a right-hand, southern tributary of the Ahr, just under 16 kilometres long. It flows through Adenau in the county of Ahrweiler in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.



In its upper reaches the Adenauer Bach is known as the Breidscheider Bach[1] and it rises about a kilometre south of Quiddelbach at an elevation of ca. 533 m above sea level (NHN). It flows in a northeasterly direction to Breidscheid on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring motor racing track. From there it bears the name of Adenauer Bach.[A 1] It then flows in a westerly direction, mostly in pipes, through the town of Adenau and then heads north, passing the villages of Leimbach and Niederadenau (part of Dümpelfeld). In Dümpelfeld[2] it discharges from the right into the Rhine tributary, the Ahr at about 209 m.

Catchment and tributaries[edit]

The catchment area is 58.5 km²[1] and drains via the Ahr and Rhine into the North Sea.

Among the tributaries of the Adenauer Bach are the following (in downstream order):[1]

Name GKZ Length
Direction Alternative name Location
Quiddelbach rechts
Lochertsbach 2718612 3.5 rechts Herschbroicherbach Breidscheid
Elmigsbach 2718614 2.5 links Stream from the Grippenhardt Breidscheid
Exbach 271862 4,2 rechts Adenau
Mittelbach rechts Adenau
Näsbach 27186312 1.5 rechts Naßbach Adenau
Kallenbach links Adenau
Wimbach 2718632 2.0 links Adenau
Krekelbach 27186392 2.1 links Adenau
Drasselbach 27186394 0.9 rechts
Leimbach 271864 3.1 links Reifferscheiderbach
Birkenbach links Leimbach
Gilgenbach 271866 4.7 rechts Leimbach
Sengenbach links Leimbach
Birnbach 271868 2.9 rechts
Niederadenauer Bach 2718692 1.4 rechts Pinselseifen Niederadenau
Stemmbach rechts


  1. ^ Because the name change is associated with its confluence with the Elmigsbach, in most publications it is also referred to as the left-hand, and western headstream, while the Breidscheider Bach is seen as the right-hand and eastern headstream. In this article the Breidscheider Bach is viewed as the upper reaches of the river, in order to enable the use of all data from the Geoexplorer of Rhineland-Palatinate's Water Management Administration (e. g. the length of the river).


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