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Adhari Park is an amusement park in the Kingdom of Bahrain based around the historic freshwater spring known as Ain Adari (Arabic: عين عذاري‎‎) which is located around the Zinj area. In 2003, the site was remodeled and it became a major tourist attraction. In 2006, it was remodeled at a cost of over $23,000,000 US dollars.[1][full citation needed] [2][full citation needed] In 2007, the park is projected to receive over a million visitors.[3][full citation needed]. It had opened to the public in 2008 and covers an area of 165,000 square meters.[4] It has 8 outdoor and indoor rides for people of all ages, a Family Entertainment Centre, 10 food outlets at the Food Court, dine in restaurant, and coffee shops.[5]. It has 1200 parking spaces.

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Coordinates: 26°11′55″N 50°32′44″E / 26.1985264°N 50.5454798°E / 26.1985264; 50.5454798