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Main office of the Adirondack Trust Company, 473 Broadway, Saratoga Springs New York

The Adirondack Trust Company is the largest independent community bank in Saratoga County, New York, USA.

Founded in 1901 by State Senator Edgar T. Brackett, it played a large role in transforming Saratoga Springs from a small "boom and bust" town into a thriving city. Through the years, it has become the highest rated bank in Saratoga County, both in CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and in safety and soundness. The Adirondack Trust Company has been named one of the 100 safest banks in the country by Money magazine.

Adirondack Trust's 167 full-time employees own the company, which offers banking, loans and investment services. As of 2015 the bank's current chairman and CEO is Charles V. Wait; the president is Stephan R. von Schenk.


As of 2015 Adirondack Trust has twelve locations in Saratoga and Warren Counties:[1]

In addition the bank has twelve stand-alone ATM locations.


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