Admiralty Court Act 1840

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Admiralty Court Act 1840, brought into force to extend the judicial powers of the court of the Admiralty.


Consisting of the following;

  • Whenever a vessel shall be arrested, etc., court to have jurisdiction over claims of mortgagees
  • Court to decide questions of title, etc.
  • The court in certain cases may adjudicate, etc.
  • Evidence may be taken viva voce in open court
  • Evidence may be taken viva voce before a commissioner
  • Attendance of witnesses and production of papers may be compelled by subpoena
  • Gaolers to receive prisoners committed by the Court of Admiralty or by Admiralty coroners
  • Prisoners in contempt may be discharged
  • Jurisdiction to try questions concerning booty of war
  • Jurisdiction of courts of law and equity not taken away[1]

The act was mentioned in articles concerning court proceedings dated 1973.[2] [3] Together with the Admiralty Court Acts 1861 the review of the law was specifically for the reason of a need for an increased number of shipping,salvage and collision hearings.[4] The Act was passed into law by the then Judge of the High Court of the Admiralty, Stephen Lushington.[dubious ] [5]

Viva voce


Case summaries[edit]

Steamships Trading Company Ltd v Owners of the Ship ‘Samarai’ [1988] PGNC 99; [1988-89] PNGLR 80 (28 February 1989) [6]

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