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The Adorno family was a patrician family in Genoa, Italy, of the Ghibelline party, with the branches of Botta Adorno of Milan and Adorno Pastorino of Turin, several of whom were Doges of the republic.[1] They were generally rivals of the Fregoso family. Both families rose to power in the late 14th century.[2]

The first of the Adorno doges, Gabriele Adorno, is also the tenor role in Giuseppe Verdi's opera Simon Boccanegra.[3]

Principal members[edit]


  • Gabriele Adorno (1320–1398)
  • Antoniotto Adorno (1340–1398)
  • Giorgio Adorno (1350 – 1430)
  • Raffaele Adorno (1375 – 1458)
  • Barnaba Adorno (1385 – 1459)
  • Prospero Adorno (1428 – 1486)
  • Agostino Adorno (1488-1499)
  • Antoniotto II Adorno (c. 1479 - 1528)

Castles and palaces of the Adornos[edit]

Palazzo Adorno di Lecce; Palazzo Adorno di Genova;Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno;Palazzo baronale di Caprarica di Lecce (Puglia)

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