Adriaen Honich

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Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht, 1663

Adriaen Honich (1643, Dordrecht – c.1684), was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.


According to Houbraken, who mentioned him three times with different spellings of his name, he was known as "Lossenbruy" in a poem about the Bentvueghels, where he was called Adriaan Honing, landscape painter from Dordrecht.[1] He was mentioned as Adriaan Honich when he signed Abraham Genoels bentbrief, and he was mentioned as Adriaan Honig, or Lossenbruier,when he made the acquaintance of Jan van Bunnik in Rome.[1]

According to the RKD he is known for italianate landscapes, but his whereabouts after 1674 (when he signed Genoels bentbrief) are unknown.[2] Some still life drawings are attributed to him.[2] He died before 1694.[2]


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