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Adriana Delpiano Puelma (born February 27, 1947 in Santiago) is a Chilean politician. Since 27 June 2015 she is the Minister of Education of Chile. Formerly, she was Intendant of the Santiago Metropolitan Region (Intendenta de la Región Metropolitana). She received a degree in Social Work from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile,[1] and earned her Masters of Education Science from the Center for Advanced Studies (Centro de Estudios Avanzados) in Mexico.

Delpiano served as Researcher and Director of the Interdisciplinary Program of Research in Education and as professor at the Universidad Católica de Chile.

An activist for the Partido por la Democracia, in 1994 Delpiano was named Minister of National Resources (Ministra de Bienes Nacionales). She left the ministry in 1999 in order to work as the assistant executive director for the presidential campaign of Ricardo Lagos. Delpiano, a personal friend of President Ricardo Lagos, was named Director-Minister of the National Women's Service (SERNAM), making its primary work on the issues of divorce and domestic violence. She left the ministry in 2003, and later served as Undersecretary of Regional Development. Delpiano was called on to temporarily fill the position of Minister of the Interior from May 9 - May 24, when Francisco Vidal filled the post.[2] In 2006, Delpiano was named by President Michelle Bachelet the Presidency Socio-Cultural Area Director (Directora del Área Socio Cultural de la Presidencia de la República).[3] With this new post, she presided over the foundations and social organizations that depend on the president's cabinet.

In January 2007, Delpiano assumed the role of Intendant (governor) of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, replacing Víctor Barrueto.[4] In this position, she was in charge of the Transantiago transportation project.[5]


Legal offices
Preceded by
Luis Alvarado Constenla
Minister of National Resources
Succeeded by
Jorge Heine
Preceded by
Josefina Bilbao
Director-Minister of the National Women's Service
Succeeded by
Cecilia Pérez Díaz
Preceded by
Víctor Barrueto
Intendant of the Santiago Metropolitan Region
Succeeded by
Álvaro Erazo
Preceded by
Nicolás Eyzaguirre
Minister of Education of Chile