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ADULT. promotional image, 2018
Background information
Also known asPlasma Co.
OriginDetroit, Michigan, U.S.
Years active1998–present
Past membersSamuel Consiglio

Adult (stylized with punctuation as ADULT.) is an American band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1998. The band integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synthesizers and electronic/punk elements.[1]


Adult was formed in the late 1990s in Detroit by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller. They have described their work as "a dark, dance aesthetic that harnesses the perverse aspects of the late '70s analog dystopian post-modernism".[2] Kuperus performs vocals on the band's song.

Adult have remixed the work of artists including Liars, John Foxx, and Death in Vegas. The band has released seven studio albums on MUTE Records, Ghostly International, Thrill Jockey and their own label founded in 1995, Ersatz Audio. They released their first live album in 2017 on Third Man Records.

Their sixth album, "Detroit House Guests" (2017 Mute), was funded by a John S. and James L. Knight Arts Challenge award, and featured guest collaborations from Dorit Chrysler (NY Theremin Society), Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens), Michael Gira (Swans), Lun•na Menoh (Les Sewing Sisters) and Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb).

Their seventh album "This Behavior" was released on Dais Records in September 2018.

Other projects[edit]

Before Adult, Miller was one half of the band Le Car and released his solo material under the name Artificial Material. Kuperus (who is also responsible for Adult's album artwork and photography) has sung on the works of other electronic acts including Death in Vegas, Swayzak and Chicks On Speed. Kuperus has also showcased her photography at museums around the United States and Europe. Between 2008 and 2010, Adult created the film "thee Three Graces tryptic: Decampment, Traditions & Possession(s)." The film could only be seen with Adult performing the score live. It was screened at Anthology Film Archives (NY), Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit), Distrital y Cineteca National: Mexico City Film Festival amongst other theaters. In 2010, Adult wrote and recorded the original score to the film OPEN by Jake Yuzna. In 2013, the art museum Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh invited Adult to make an elaborate installation. The duo created a piece called Diptyching [3] which included audio, video, and the re-creation of a life size façade of a house. In conjunction with the piece, Adult released a limited edition 12" Work/Wreck [4] which included the music from the installation. Both Kuperus and Miller [5] continue to exhibit their visual work, while also writing new music and touring extensively.


As of 2019, Adult are currently in the studio working on their eighth album, which is scheduled for a spring 2020 release on Dais.

Band members[edit]

Both band members have art degrees from College for Creative Studies. Adam Lee Miller has a painting degree, and Nicola Kuperus a photography degree.[6]



  • 2001 Resuscitation -Ersatz Audio
  • 2003 Anxiety Always -Ersatz Audio
  • 2005 Gimmie Trouble -Thrill Jockey
  • 2007 Why Bother? -Thrill Jockey
  • 2012 Resuscitation (Vinyl reissue) -Ghostly International
  • 2013 The Way Things Fall -Ghostly International
  • 2017 Live at Third Man -Third Man Records
  • 2017 Detroit House Guests -Mute
  • 2018 This Behavior -Dais

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • 1998 Modern Romantics 12" (as Plasma Co.) -Electrecord
  • 1998 Dispassionate Furniture 12" -Ersatz Audio
  • 1999 Entertainment 12" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2000 New-Phonies 12" -Clone Records
  • 2000 Nausea 12" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2001 Hand To Phone 12" -Clone Records
  • 2002 Misinterpreted 12" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2002 Limited Edition 7" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2002 Hand To Phone Remixed 12" -Clone Records
  • 2003 Controlled Edition 7" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2004 T & A. 7" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2004 Split/Split/Split 7" -Ersatz Audio/Cass Records
  • 2005 D.U.M.E. 12"/CD -Thrill Jockey
  • 2005 Numbers + ADULT. = This Seven Inch 7" -Kill Rock Stars
  • 2008 The Decampment Trilogy (3 7"s [limited to 100 copies each] with photographic prints taken by Nicola Kuperus) -Ersatz Audio
  • 2008 Let's Feel Bad Together CD-R -Ersatz Audio
  • 2012 Shari Vari / 122 Hours of Fear (covers of songs originally by The Screamers and A Number of Names) -Ghostly International
  • 2013 Work/Wreck 12" -Ersatz Audio
  • 2017 Detroit House Guests: Variations (Digital only) -Mute
  • 2017 Detroit House Guests: The Remixes 12" -Mute
  • 2019 Subsurface/Coming Apart 7" -Dais


  • 1998 D.I.E. "The Man You Never See" -Clone Records
  • 1999 Ganymed "Music Takes Me Higher" -Sabotage Communications
  • 1999 Ectomorph "The Haunting" -Intuit-Solar
  • 1999 Michiko Kusaki "Let's Rock" -Angelika Köhlermann
  • 2000 Mat101 "Arcade" -Nature Records
  • 2000 Fischerspooner – ("Emerge")
  • 2000 Tuxedomoon "No Tears" -Gigolo Records
  • 2001 Solvent "Flexidisc" -Suction Records
  • 2001 Kitbuilders "Girls on Stage" -Vertical Records
  • 2001 K-Rock "Hardedged Industry" -Breakin' Records
  • 2001 Solenoid "Narcissistic"-Haio Haio Haio Records
  • 2001 G.D.Luxxe "I'm Always Busy" -Interdemsional Transmissions
  • 2001 The Faint "Agenda Suicide" -City Slang/Labels
  • 2001 Phoenecia "Rhythm Box" -Schematic Music Co.
  • 2002 A Number of Names "Shari Vari" -Puzzlebox Records
  • 2002 Bobby Conn "Winners" -Thrill Jockey
  • 2002 Jackass & Mule "1-2-3 Miami" -xylpohone jones
  • 2002 Jolly Music "Radio Jolly" -Illustrious Records / Sony
  • 2002 Bis "Robotic" -SpinArt Records
  • 2002 Felix da Housecat featuring Miss Kittin – ("Silver Screen Shower Scene")[7] -City Rockers
  • 2002 Death in Vegas – ("Hands Around My Throat") -BMG International
  • 2003 Erase Errata "Marathon" -TroubleMan Unlimited
  • 2004 Electronicat "I Wanna Know Now" -Angelika Köhlermann
  • 2008 Ladytron "Runaway" -Nettwerk2008 Tussle "Night of the Hunter" - FrequeNC
  • 2009 Trisomie21 "Hear Me Now" -Le Maquis
  • 2016 Pet Shop Boys "Shopping" -Moogfest Sampler
  • 2016 John Foxx "The Shadow of His Former Self" -Metamatic Records
  • 2017 Barry Adamson “One Hot Mess“ -Central Control International
  • 2018 LIARS “Staring at Zero (ADULT. ‘Y Can’t U’ Remix)” -Mute

Contributing Vocals from Nicola Kuperus[edit]

  • 2002 Death in Vegas "Hands Around My Throat" -BMG International
  • 2002 Swayzak "I Dance Alone" -Stud!o K7
  • 2003 Chicks on Speed "Wordyrappinghood" -ChicksonSpeed Records
  • 2009 Tyrell Corporation "Lose the Hero" -Clone Records


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