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Advance Arkansas Institute
Mission To advance public policy based on free markets, individual liberty, and limited, transparent government.[1]
President Dan Greenberg[2]
Budget Revenue: $275270
Expenses: $240739
(FYE December 2015)[3]
Location Little Rock, Arkansas

The Advance Arkansas Institute (AAI) is a free market think tank located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The organization's stated mission is "to advance public policy based on free markets, individual liberty, and limited, transparent government."[1] The Institute is headed by Dan Greenberg, a former Arkansas State Representative.[4]

The institute believes that rising poverty is a serious concern in Arkansas and that an effective solution to the issue of poverty is income tax reform.[5] AAI has hosted debates for Arkansas attorney general candidates.[6] AAI has an affiliate, the Arkansas Project, which provides commentary and reporting on Arkansas government, politics, and media.[7]

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