Advanced Diploma (Japan)

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Advanced Diploma (高度専門士, kōdo-senmonshi) is the Japanese original academic degree given to people who had spent more than 4 years and successfully completed a particular specialized course of study at the vocational schools certified by Japanese MEXT (the educational ministry of the Japanese government). The vocational schools in this article mean a "senmon-gakkō" (専門学校) which means a professional training college and a "senshū-gakkō" (専修学校) which means a Specialized training college. This academic degree was established in 2005 to improve the graduates' reputation and to promote lifelong learning. Its level is equal to Bachelor given by the university.


  • To spend more than 4 years.
  • To spend more than 3,400 lessons (equal to about 2,834 hours and 126 credits at a university) before graduation.
  • There is a proper system of education assigned by certified vocational schools.
  • To pass the examinations assigned by certified vocational schools.

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