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Advanced System Optimizer (formerly Advanced Vista Optimizer) is a software utility for Microsoft Windows. It is used to improve computer performance and speed.[1]


Advanced System Optimizer has utilities for optimization, speedup, cleanup, memory management, etc.[2] Its utilities include system cleaners, system and memory optimizers, junk file cleaners, privacy protectors, startup managers, security tools and other maintenance tools.,[3] repair missing or broken DLLs and includes a file eraser. There's a "what's recommended" link, which is used to find the problems on the PC, to give info on how to speed up the computer, or to show settings of various program features with the scheduler.[4]

The "Single Click Care" option scans the computer for optimization all areas of the computer. This program features an "Optimization" tab, which is used for memory optimization and to free up memory of the computer. The startup manager feature of this program is used to manage programs that load at the computer's startup.[4]

The registry cleaner has 12 categories of registry errors and can detect and delete registry errors.[5]

The 2008 version had over 25 tools. It can be scheduled to run optimisation without the need for user intervention.[6]

Improvements and upgrades[edit]

Subsequent versions of Advanced System Optimizer have included several improvements over the first incarnation of the software. The Smart PC Care feature is one such example, working to carry out multiple tasks on the machine simultaneously. This is used to schedule automatic PC Care and scan the system without any required input from the user

Driver Scan[edit]

New versions of the software also contain Driver Scan, which is used to locate new versions of drivers that are already installed on the computer system. Drivers that currently have upgrades available are shown to the user, who can proceed with the upgrade with a simple click. This system also creates backups of the existing drivers, in the event that an error would produce itself and prevent the machine from functioning with the new driver installation.

Spyware detection[edit]

Spyware detection is made an even bigger priority in newer versions of the computer program, with the System Protector feature used to monitor the computer’s processes for any suspicious activity. A Disk Optimizer is also included with the latest versions of Advanced System Optimizer, which allows the applications on the machine to run more quickly and for the machine to boot in a faster manner. An Undelete feature is also included, allowing users to easily recover files that were accidentally removed from the computer system.


Most of these features made their way to the software platform with the release of Advanced System Optimizer 3, which is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and both 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Windows 7.[7] The release has already received feedback from more than 1 million users across the globe. It is the first release of the software to include all of the additional machine features highlighted above.


In a review syndicated to The Washington Post,[8] PC World praised the quality of the suite's design, stating the tools perform as advertised. The reviewer did however note the product's price as one drawback.[3] PC Advisor also praised the package's functionality, but warned readers they would have to decide for themselves whether it is worth the price considering the availability of free alternatives.[9]


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