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Aeimnestus (Gr. Ἀείμνηστος) is an Ancient Greek word, also spelled aeímnēstos and arímnēstos that means "unforgettable", literally "of everlasting memory". It was the name of multiple revered Greek warriors.

A Spartan soldier Aeimnestus killed the Persian general Mardonius by hurling a boulder onto Mardonius' head during the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC. The event was described in Book 9 of the Histories of Herodotus.[1] Plutarch calls the same man "Arimnestus" (Ἀρίμνηστος).[2]

Another Spartan by the same name led three hundred men against the whole Messenian army in the Messenian Wars; both he and his company were killed to the last man.[3]

A Plataean general Arimnestos led his city's host in the battles of Marathon and Plataea.


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