Aeroballistic Range Association

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Aeroballistc Range Association
Abbreviation ARA
Formation 1961
Type Not-for-profit membership organization
Region served
51 Organizations
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The Aerobalistic Range Association (ARA) is a not for profit organization for facilities engaged in research and development using guns and related launchers.


The organization was formed to share information about facility design, instrumentation development and range operations. The organization holds a yearly meeting, usually at a location near an active test facility. Members are encouraged to present at least one technical paper per meeting.[1]

Student Outreach[edit]

The ARA has recently developed a student outreach program aimed at promoting ballistic research in the early stages of career development. A student research paper contest has been established which provides cash stipends (currently $1,000.) for winners plus invitations for winners to attend ARA meetings to present their papers.

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