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Temporal range: Early Permian, 295 Ma
Aerosaurus wellesi.jpg
Life restoration of Aerosaurus wellesi
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Varanopidae
Subfamily: Varanopinae
Genus: Aerosaurus
Romer, 1937
  • A. greenleeorum Romer, 1937 (type)
  • A. wellesi Langston & Reisz, 1981

Aerosaurus (meaning "copper lizard") is an extinct genus within Varanopidae, a family of non-mammalian synapsids. It lived during the Early Permian in North America. The name comes from Latin aes (aeris) (combining stem: aer-) “copper” and Greek sauros “lizard,” for El Cobre Canyon (from Spanish cobre “copper”) in northern New Mexico, where the type fossil was found and the site of former copper mines.

Skull of Aerosaurus

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