African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation

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African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation
Headquarters South Africa
Owner CEF, a parastatal owned by the government of South Africa

The African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (AEMFC) is a state-controlled mining business in South Africa.

The AEMFC was launched by Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, prompting concerns that the state might attempt to nationalise parts of the mining industry.[1]

First established in 1944, it lay dormant for years, before beginning activities in 2007. It has been granted mining and prospecting rights, in competition with other mining companies.[2] AEMFC is, officially, subsidiary to the Central Energy Fund.

In February 2011, the AEMFC launched a coal mining project in Mpumalanga, which is expected to produce 1.68 million tons of coal per year.[3]

As of October 2012, AEMFC was still loss-making, but gets interest-free loans from the Central Energy Fund. Performance of its coal, limestone, and uranium mines has been disappointing.[4]


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