Afsar Maudoodi

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Afsar Maudoodi
Title Afsarus Shoara
Born (1874-03-03)March 3, 1874
Died (1948-12-24)December 24, 1948
Region India
Religion Islam
Notable work(s)

Ghazal, Nazm, Na'at

issue = Two sons

Syed Mahmood Hussain Afsar Maudoodi[1][2] (1874-1948) was an accomplished Urdu Poet and Physician of Unani Medicine. He was the son of the acclaimed classical Urdu Poet' Syed Ahmad Hussain Fida'.[3] Fida was the most prominent one among the three pupils of the renowned urdu poet Mirza Ghalib in Gujarat.


Grandson -Syed Vajid Hussain

Grand sons - Syed Akbar Ali, Syed Haider Ali, Syed Mehboob Ali.


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