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Afshin / افشین
Gender Male
Language(s) Middle Persian
Other names
Variant form(s) Afšīn, Afşin, Afşın

Afshin (Persian: افشین‎‎ / Afšīn; Turkish: Afşın or Afşin) is a common Persian, Turkish and Urdu "Afsheen" given name, which is a modern Persian word derived from Avestan. Afshin was used by Sogdians.[1] Historically, it has been the princely title of the rulers of Ošrūsana at the time of the Muslim conquest.[2] The Afshins of Ošrūsana were an Iranian princedom in Central Asia of whom the later Abbasid general Afšin Ḵayḏar bin Kāvus is the most famous.


Afšīn is the Arabicized form of the Middle Persian Pišīn, which traces back to the Avestan Pisinah. In pre-Islamic Iranian tradition, it is the name of a grandson of Kayānid king Kavād (Yt. 13.132, 19.71). In the Islamic period, it is found as a proper name attested by Armenian historians in the form Ōšin (from Awšin).[3]



  • Afşin, a town in the Kahramanmaraş Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey


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