After Hours (Singaporean TV series)

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After Hours
Created byUnknown
StarringLinda Liao
Utt Panichkul
Max Loong
Joanne Peh
Country of originSingapore
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Running time22 min (per episode)
Original networkMediaCorp Channel 5
Picture format480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original release26 March –
25 June 2007

After Hours is a Singaporean drama produced by local TV station MediaCorp. It was broadcast on Mondays at 11:00pm.

Screen couple Utt and Linda Liao reprise their roles as Gabriel and Ellie in Chase to reunite on the small screen for After Hours. Joined by Joanne Peh and Max Loong as April and Danny, the four are best friends who tackle love, friendships and relationships in every direction in After Hours. The show picks up six months after Chase ends, where Gabriel and Ellie go on holiday together.

April and Ellie are former classmates, now friends. Danny is an old friend of Gabriel's, although they lost contact previously. Danny spent some time in the US, but returns to Singapore for good. The four of them become good friends and hang out together regularly.

The situational romantic dramedy shows how four friends approach love, friendships and relationships, and it attempts to provoke the watchers with questions.



At the end of Chase, Gabriel and Ellie went off on a holiday together. They came back and have been together ever since. Gabriel worked on a huge Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that Lauren Lee (his boss from Mad About Ads) managed to land just as the ad agency was on the brink of closing down.

After the campaign, Lauren finally decided to voluntarily close Mad About Ads. She went to work for the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation as its head of publicity. David (Gabriel's best friend from Chase) landed a hot advertising job in Sydney, and became based there. Dora, Gabriel's mother, gave birth and decided to settle down with her pilot husband Uncle John (they married at the end of Chase) in his hometown in Kuala Lumpur. Occasionally, she traveled with him on his overseas flights.

Uncle Rob retires to Bintan, selling his house in the process. Ellie is now staying at one of Uncle Rob's many investments – an apartment downtown.Gabriel starts his own ad agency, Angel Advertising. Essentially the agency is just Gabriel and Danny, the Creative Director. They don't have an office – Gabriel works from home and a variety of Starbucks, Coffee Beans and the NLB – wherever he can get internet access. Danny doesn't do a whole lot, but he knows a lot of people, and that means potential clients for Gabriel. Plus Gabriel keeps him around because he's (a) cheap; and (b) he gets around. By the start of Season 2, Gabriel has a small but loyal group of clients.

The last we left Ellie, she had been forced to close down the vet clinic after a takeover by one of Uncle Rob's friends. When she returned from the vacation with Gabriel, she tried to start up a pet food store. The store ran for about six months, and then closed down when the capital ran out. Now, Ellie is a writer for a pet magazine, MyPet Monthly. She is like an Aunt Aggie for pet owners, helping them out with their pet problems. What she hopes to do is slowly amass some savings, and then open her own pet store chain.

April works as a personal trainer, so often Ellie and April meet at the gym. Danny tries to beg free gym sessions off April so he can meet chicks.


Episode Airdate Synopsis
1 26 March 2007 Ellie tells Gabriel she loves him for the first time. She is shocked by his reaction.. A client of April's offers her a large sum of money to go out on a date with him. Meanwhile, Danny breaks up with a girl who has catalogued all the stuff she lent or gave him, and now she wants everything back.
2 2 April 2007 Verna, an old schoolmate, invites the four friends to her wedding reception at a local hotel. The four friends can't decide what to give her and whether or not to share, ultimately ending in a fight of ridiculous proportions. Danny agrees to meet up with an ex-girlfriend he hasn't met for a while. Because she is “just an ex”, he takes her to the cheapest place he can think of – a hawker center. When he wants to rekindle the relationship, she tells him he is too cheap.
3 9 April 2007 April finds out that an old high school crush is coming back and wants to see her. As she has carried a torch for him all these years, she thinks he wants to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, during an interview for a woman's magazine, Gabriel and Ellie disagree on how long they have been together. They realize they each have different ways of looking at their relationship.
4 16 April 2007 Ellie is concerned that Gabriel has been exchanging flirty SMS-es with a client. Gabriel thinks it is harmless, but Ellie doesn't think so. Danny loses sleep doing research to impress his new girlfriend. When his wish is granted, he falls asleep during sex.
5 23 April 2007 Things get heated when Danny brings his new girlfriend along with the others for paintballing together. Meanwhile, Ellie is asked by her boss to return a book she borrowed. When she found out that she has lost it, she decided to steal a copy at Danny's new girlfriend's house.
6 7 May 2007 The four friends spend close to the entire night trying to find a place to eat and can't seem to agree on the venue. Meanwhile, Danny gets an SMS from an unfamiliar number gets involved in a drawn out chat with the other person, only to be shocked when he finds out her identity.
7 14 May 2007 The four friends spend close to the entire night trying to find a place to eat. When they lose a reservation at their favourite restaurant, they can't seem to agree on another place to eat. Then, it is one misadventure after another. Meanwhile, Danny gets an SMS from a number he doesn't recognize.
8 21 May 2007 Ellie is asked by her editor to represent the magazine in a charity triathlon. She is overjoyed when she hears that April is also taking part. But friendly competition between the two girls soon turns into bitter rivalry.
9 28 May 2007 TBA
10 4 June 2007 Ellie books a surprise holiday for Gabriel as his birthday present, unaware that he has agreed to a major presentation for a big client on the day they are due to leave. April tries to fight off a teenage boy (a former client) who has a huge crash on her and follows her around.
11 11 June 2007 April gets a surprise visit from her father. She is even more shocked when he brings along his new girlfriend who is her former schoolmate. Meanwhile, Ellie is asked to babysit her boss' 10-year-old son, who turns out to be an unrepentant brat.
12 18 June 2007 Danny asks Gabriel for a substantial loan. When Gabriel refuses, it causes a strain in their friendship. Danny borrows money from his girlfriend's rich dad, who turns out to be a loanshark. When Danny breaks up with her, her father comes after him. April gives a cheque as a donation to charity, only to find out that instead of ten dollars, she unwittingly donated one thousand. When Ellie tries to help her, she ends up getting fired from her job.
13 25 June 2007 Danny flees the country to escape the loanshark, who then comes after Gabriel and threatens his life. Siong Yun - April's old flame - shows up out of the blue and proposes to her. He wants her to leave Singapore - and her friends - to follow him to Australia.

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