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After School[1] is an iOS and Android, social network mobile application that allows users in a defined network, currently high schools, to share anonymous text-based posts and images with others.[2] As of July 2016, After School had users at more than 20,000 american high schools.[3]

According to CEO Michael Callahan, the app was created as a network “that teens could use to express themselves, to reach out to others and to ask for and offer help to fellow teens in distress.”[4]

The app, created by Michael Callahan and Cory Levy of ONE, Inc., debuted in mid-November 2014. In the re-release of the app in April 2015,[5] After School implemented “mature content” filters, age verification, 24/7 live anonymous support, and FIRST (Fastest Internet Response System for Threats).[6] In February 2016, After School announced raising a $16.4 million Series A round.[4] The app also detects threatening or harmful messages using "language algorithms"[7] and "enforces a single-report immediate user removal for violations."[8]


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