After Shave (2005 film)

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After Shave
Directed by Hany Tamba
Written by Hany Tamba
Starring Rafic Ali Ahmad, Mahmoud Mabsout, Julia Kassar, Fady Reaidy
Release date
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic

After Shave (French: Beyrouth Après Rasage) is an award winning 2005 Lebanese short film by the Lebanese director Hany Tamba. This movie won The 2006 César Awards for best short film.[1]


Abou Milad is an old barber who lost his hairdressing salon during the Lebanese civil war. Nowadays, he earns his crust by cutting hair in the working class cafés of Beirut. One day, he is summoned by a recluse who lives in a grand bourgeois house.

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