Mahmoud Mabsout

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Mahmoud Mabsout
Born Mahmoud Mabsout
(Arabic: محمود مبسوط‎‎)

Tripoli, Lebanon
Died July 25, 2011(2011-07-25) (aged 69–70)
Occupation Actor
Years active 1955–2011

Mahmoud Mabsout (Arabic: محمود مبسوط‎‎), also known by the character Fehmen (Arabic: فهمان‎‎) (1941 – 25 July 2011)[1] was a Lebanese actor.


Mahmoud was born in 1941 in Tripoli, North Lebanon. He was not studious at school, as he said in an interview, he has failed the first primary grade six time, and when Mahmoud was 12 years old, the principal told his father "your son is not good for school" . Meanwhile, Mahmoud spent his time acting sketches that he invented with his friends.

Mahmoud formed with his friend the "drabzin agha" band, and made some sketches that his band seemed hot to make it become the band that used by the «Ecole des Freres» in Tripoli during the festivals. His father didn't want him to act, he even has hit Mahmoud the day he knew, in order to let him stop acting. Mahmoud's father used to imprison his son to prohibit him from going out because acting was a «forbidden art» in his point of view. Thus Mahmoud was left but to flee by using a rope tied to the balcony.

When he completed sixteen, his father sent him to Africa, where his brothers worked in the sewing. Working with them during the day, but at night during the sessions of the game «Tarneeb» which it excels, won the support of "Asamrani", «head» of the Arab community in Ghana. "Asmarani" supported him after forming a band with a group amateurs which he meat in nightclubs, so they presented plays at homes of some Lebanese. Mahmoud returned to receive his share of beatings, this time from his two brothers. they imprison him at home, but the «leader» intervene and asked them, under threat, not to object the rising artist's carrier. So his brothers decided to return him to Lebanon, so they can restore their peace of mind.[2]

He joined "Abou Salim", Salah Tizani, who is also from Tripoli, and worked altogether in "Channel 7" performing "live" sketches, after only few months from its opening, marking the golden era of Tele-Liban. In 1962, they created the "Abou Salim el tabel" band, Mahmoud played the role of Fehmen.


Beside his work in Tele-Liban, Mahmoud Starred in around 25 plays and 33 Films. He worked with many directors such as Muhammad Salman, Samir El Ghosayni, Ziad Doueiry, Atef Al Tayeb, Hani Tamba, Philip Aractanji, Samir Habchi, Borhane Alaouié.

Year Title Role Notes Remarks
1967 Safarbarlek Film Rahbani Brothers
1971 Bint el Hareth Film Rahbani Brothers
1972 Min yawm la yawm Television Series Rahbani Brothers
1995 West Beirut Baker Film
2005 After Shave Abou Milad Short film
2005 Bosta Bus driver Film
2007 Khalass Bus driver Film


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