After the Eulogy

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After the Eulogy is the second full length release from Delaware band, boysetsfire. The album was originally released in 2000 on Victory Records and was re-released in 2001 by Wind-Up Records.

Track listing

# Title Time Note
1 After the Eulogy 3:31
2 Rookie 4:13
3 Pariah Under Glass 2:22
4 When Rhetoric Dies 3:40
5 Still Waiting for the Punchline 2:23
6 The Abominations of Those Virtuous 4:43
7 Our Time Honored Tradition of Cannibalism 4:29
8 (Compassion) As Skull Fragments on the Wall 2:51
9 My Life in the Knife Trade 4:59
10 Across Five Years 3:47
11 Twelve Step Hammer Program 2:59
12 Unspoken Request 3:24
13 The Force Majeure 3:49
14 Timothy 4:18 Only on 2001 re-release

Pop culture appearances

Rookie was featured in the video games 1080° Avalanche and Legends of Wrestling. The song was also used on the Downhill mountain biking section of mountain bike film, Roam by The Collective.