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Aghadoe (Irish: Achadh an Da Eo) is a large townland[1] overlooking the town and lakes of Killarney in Ireland. Officially it is also a parish,[2][3] although the parish is larger than the area normally associated with the name.[1] The area is famous for its views of the lakes and islands, including Innisfallen Island.[4] The ruins of 13th century Parkavonear Castle and of "Aghadoe Cathedral," an old Romanesque church in ruins, make the spot popular with tourists and archaeologists.[5]

Aghadoe takes its name from Acha Dá Eo, which is Irish for "The place of the two yew trees".[5] (It was traditional for church yards to have only one yew tree).

Panoramic view from Aghadoe

Annalistic references[edit]

See Annals of Inisfallen

  • AI939.1 Kl. Repose of Aed son of Mael Pátraic, abbot of Achad Deó.
  • AI1010.5 Mael Suthain Ua Cerbaill {of Eóganacht}, eminent sage of Ireland, rested in Christ in Achad Deó.

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