Aghinagh House

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Aghinagh House
Aghinagh House is located in Ireland
Aghinagh House
Location in Ireland
Former names Ashton House, Rectory
General information
Architectural style Georgian
Location County Cork
Country Ireland
Coordinates 51°53′35″N 8°53′33″W / 51.892954°N 8.892510°W / 51.892954; -8.892510
Completed 1815

Aghinagh House is a building in Caum Townland, County Cork, Ireland which was probably constructed sometime between 1799 and 1815. The building is an example of Irish Georgian architecture. Historical maps label the house as Ashton and Rectory.[1]

Notable owners[edit]

The most notable owner of Aghinagh House was Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart (May 1880 through June 1963), a renowned figure in British military history.[2] Sir Adrian is buried in the grounds of the church adjacent to Aghinagh House.[3]


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