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Agim Rrahman Krasniqi (Macedonian: Агим Красниќи, Agim Krasnići) is an ethnic Albanian former insurgent leader based in the village of Kondovo near Skopje, the capital of Republic of Macedonia.[1]


Krasniqi was one of the commanders of the Albanian National Army insurgency in Macedonia 2001.[2] He remained active as the leader of an armed group after the Ohrid Agreement.

Activities in Kondovo[edit]

Agim Krasniqi and an army of 80 soldiers[3] controlled the region of the village of Kondova twice (first between July and December 2004, and later between February and August 2005)[3] that accompanied the governmental vote of the time.[4] Through the media, Krasniqi threatened to shell Skopje and his men kidnapped and beat four police officers.

Attack in Vratnica 2005[edit]

On July 2005 Agim Krasniqi's group was involved in the attack on the police station in the village of Vratnica.[5][6]

Charges against Agim Krasniqi[edit]

Starting in September 2004, arrest warrants were issued against him for illegal possession of weapons, kidnapping and theft. In February 2007 Agim Krasniqi and his group were pleaded not guilty on charges of acts of terror.[4]


Agim Krasniqi has support from some Albanians in Macedonia and elsewhere, although the Albanian intellectual elite deem his actions as unjustified, because of exaggerated use of violence. The most known acts of violence of his gang happened during parliamentary elections in Macedonia in 2008. Agim Krasniqi and his gang was involved in several election incidents and "stealing of votes" in villages populated with Albanians around Skopje and in Tetovo.

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