Agnes Nyanhongo

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Agnes Nyanhongo
Agnes Nyanhongo.jpg
Agnes Nyanhongo, Frankfurt, Germany, 1994
Born1960 (1960)
EducationBAT workshop school, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
Known forSculpture
Notable workRefugee Mother and Child
MovementSculpture of Zimbabwe
SpouseJoseph Munemo
AwardsAward of Merit, Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, 1989 and 1990

Agnes Nyanhongo (born 1960) is a Zimbabwean stone sculptor.[1]

Early life and training[edit]

A native of Nyanga, Nyanhongo is the daughter of first-generation sculptor Claud Nyanhongo and sister of Gedion Nyanhongo. She spent much time helping in her father's studio as a girl and began sculpting full-time in 1980. In 1983, she entered the B.A.T. Workshop school at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare, where she spent three years.[2][3]


Stylistically, Nyanhongo's work is very similar to that of her father, and takes as its theme mainly female issues. Her sculptures are in the permanent collection of the Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare, at the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, Colorado,[4] and at the exhibition Zimbabwe Sculpture: a Tradition in Stone at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.[5]

The catalogue "Chapungu: Culture and Legend – A Culture in Stone" for the exhibition at Kew Gardens in 2000 depicts Nyanhongo's major works Divided Family (Springstone, 1992) on p. 32-33, Keeping the History (Springstone, 1999) on p. 108-109, Grandmother Fetches Water (Springstone, 1998) on p. 80-81 and her celebration of the Zimbabwean national heroine Mbuya Nehanda, Mbuya Nehanda - Spirit Medium (Opal stone, 1995) on p. 78-79.[6] Nyanhongo was resident artist at Chapungu Sculpture Park, Harare (1996–2003) and her work is widely collected: Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou are among its known owners.[7]

Selected exhibitions[edit]


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